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Ryoichi, Sakiyama

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Bioartificial organs lab:Development and evaluation of bioarticifial organs

Our research is focused on the bioartificial organs using chemical engineering and tissue engineering. The chronic failure renal patients are treated with blood purification treatment such as blood dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and kidney transplantation. The dialysis has various dialyzer which changes solute removal characteristic by operative conditions. The peritoneal dialysis has a peritoneal injury by long treatment. Also, chronic and acute liver failure patients have high mortality risk. On the other hand, hepatocyte growth factor is focus on as regenerative factor for liver, peritoneum, and kidney, etc.
To solute those problems, our research focus on the following;
1. Development of artificial peritoneum using cell sheets engineering
2. Evaluation of the artificial kidney by chemical engineering.
3. Development of the artificial liver using iPS cells and tissue engineering
4. Regenerative medicine using hepatocyte growth factor
Our research education has the goal of nurturing people who can think about medicine from an engineering approach. Our technologies are going to be useful in medical future for organs failure patients.