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MASATO, Nishiwaki

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Health-related physical education lab:Applied exercise physiology

Promoting physical activity and exercise is of primary importance to reduce the risk of mortality due to non-communicable diseases. Arterial stiffening, in particular, is regarded as an independent risk factor for future cardiovascular diseases, and reducing the risk of arterial stiffening has become an increasing challenge, today. Another increasing challenge is that scientific exercise training becomes more and more important for sports competitive athletes in order to break their records. Therefore, to develop more effective methods of health promotion or disease prevention and to improve exercise performance, the experimental and clinical physiological studies in human are required. Thus, our laboratory mainly focuses on the following areas:
1) Reduction or prevention of arterial stiffening,
2) Cardiovascular and metabolic physiological regulations,
3) Physiological adaptations to exercise,
4) Physiological responses to environmental stimuli (i.e., hypoxia or water immersion),
5) Effects of nutritional intake (i.e., alcohol, chocolate, or supplements),
6) physical activity and health promotion.