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Biomaterials lab:Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

The use of tissue-engineered skeletal muscle is a promising strategy for the reconstruction of skeletal muscle loss caused by tumor ablations or accidental injury. This novel material may also be applicable for actuators to drive machinery such as prostheses and micro-machines. However, construction of mature muscle tissue in vitro is still a major challenge. We are developing tissue-engineered skeletal muscle from cultured myoblasts seeded in a 3D scaffold. In the course of our research, we evaluate the effect that electrical pulse stimulation has on the isometric contractile force of tissue-engineered muscle, as well as its histological and biochemical properties. We are also developing a scaffold made of acellular biological tissue, for the regeneration of vascular, cardiac, and adipose tissues.
We have invented a new technology for decellularization, using ultrahigh pressure and rinsing under microwave irradiation, which is registered world-wide.